Analysis of Sports Authority Stephen Curry, LeBron James and More

Analysis of Sports Authority Stephen Curry, LeBron James and More

Sports authority, athletes, personalities, and more are gathered once again for the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) Award. Check here the accolades for this year.

Learn About the ESPY Award

People who are not sports enthusiast may not be that familiar regarding this award. You may be more knowledgeable about: the Grammy, the award given for music; the Tony for theater; Academy Award for film; Emmy for television. Like the mentioned awards, ESPY is also an awaited event, but in the world of sports. Based in Wikipedia, it was in the year 1993 when the first ESPY award was held. Broadcasted by ABC network, an American broadcast television, ESPY aims to distinguish the achievements of athletes both in the team and in individual categories. From its beginning in the year 1993 until 2004, the winner for this event is chosen by fans through online voting. After 2004, broadcasters, sportswriters, sports executives, Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) personalities may also vote aside from the fans.

Who Are Involved in the ESPY Award 2016?

The said award was held on the Wednesday evening of July 13, 2016 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The awesome achievements of athletes were celebrated that night. This event recognizes not only those who make it to the championships. It also distinguishes those who have made a name for themselves or those who showed excellent performances throughout the season covered by the award. You may expect the names of the female and male athletes that excelled in their sports category like basketball, tennis, golf, mixed martial arts, and more.

LeBron James Bagged It Again

It was his second time in a row to be distinguished for the Best Championship Performance. He is creating his own legend in the game of ball that he is in as his team, the Cavaliers, experienced its championship game against Golden State Warriors. James bested his performance last awarding because this time, he helped push the Cavaliers to have its first championship. No wonder the sports enthusiasts are calling him the next Jordan – some considers him even better than Jordan – as he set his record in the recent Finals with an average of 29.7 points, 8.9 assists, 11.3 rebounds, 2.3 blocks, and 2.6 steals.

Jake Arrieta Made His Breakthrough

The Baltimore Orioles served as the first team of Jake Arrieta for his Major League Baseball (MLB) career but he is with Chicago Cubs now as baseball pitcher. During the National League Championship Series, Cubs was able to have 2-1 in the three playoffs and Arrieta was a big factor behind that. He became a main force in the past year when he was able to post a record of 22-6 with 1.77 ERA and 236 strikeouts. Chicago have not snatched the World Series title since 1908 and analysis of academy sports thinks Arrieta could help the team get there if he could show again the forms he used last year.

Eric Berry Made His Comeback in the Sports Industry

An injury and an illness could be the biggest nightmare for any athlete causing them to be unexpectedly out of the game or even retire early. Berry fall victim to that when he was diagnosed in December 2014 to have Hodgkin lymphoma. However, only nine months has passed since his diagnosis and he is now back in the field. His comeback is not the only noticeable thing because he really did well during his comeback. He was able to have 61 combined tackles, two interceptions, and was able to defend two passes.

Stephen Curry and His Record-Breaking Performance

The National Basketball Association (NBA) season of 2015-2016 was golden for the Golden State Warriors (GSW) superstar player Stephen Curry. He continuously worked on improving his performance resulting to another Most Valued Player (MVP) award for this year. This shooter was able to get an astounding 402 shots from the three-point field during the 2015-2016.

More ESPY Award 2016 Winners

Aside from those mentioned above, here are some of the names during the award according to Bleacher Report:

            Best Female Athlete                                  Breanna Stewart

            Best Female College Athlete                   Breanna Stewart

            Best Male College Athlete                       Buddy Hield

            Best Coach                                                 Tyronn Lue

            Best NFL Player                                        Cam Newton

            Best Fighter                                               Conor McGregor

            Best International Athlete                      Cristiano Ronaldo

            Best NHL Player                                       Sidney Crosby

            Best MBL Player                                       Bryce Harper

            Best Female Golfer                                   Lydia Ko

            Best Male Golfer                                       Jordan Spieth

            Best Female Tennis Player                     Serena Williams

            Best Male Tennis Player                         Novak Djokovic

            Best Driver                                                Kyle Busch

Athletes always try to be better and beat themselves if possible. Sports illustrated that these are the distinguished names in the sports industry today and challenge is on if they will remain or they will be replaced by someone else.