Basketball Game News: NBA Is Not Going to Suspend Draymond Green

Basketball Game News: NBA Is Not Going to Suspend Draymond Green

When Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dahntay Jones punched Toronto Raptors’ Bismack Biyombo right on his midsection, the NBA suspended him immediately for the next playoff game.  It was a quick decision and news on basketball spread like wildfire.  This is a usual decision – to suspend someone who intentionally hits an opponent on the court.

One game in Oklahoma City, another instance of punching between Draymond Green and Steve Adams happened, when Draymond Green gave a “one-two” to Adam’s because his crotch “apparently jumped” of Green’s leg. This is the second time Draymond laid a hand on Steve, but still he wasn’t suspended.

The first punch came to Adam when his crotch got in the way of Green’s knee during the game at the Golden State.  He didn’t stop there, in Oklahoma City, he gave him a second.  Though it could be viewed as he didn’t do this intentionally and these two occurrences could be both accidents, there is much scrutiny with the decision of not suspending him for the next game.

All About Draymond Green

Draymond Green was a player from Michigan State and was the 35th in the draft pick for the year.  He is one of NBA’s success stories since he never got suspended for punching someone during the game.  His track record does show that Draymond Green has never hurt or punched anyone intentionally throughout his basketball career.

But, according to some basketball games news, the NBA did ask Draymond Green to pay a fine.  His offense was upgraded to a Flagrant Foul 2 and he needs to pay $25,000 — pretty much tip money for a maid in an NBA players’ mansion.

Kiki VanDeWeghe who is the dean of discipline of the National Basketball Association, must have rallyists lobbying outside his office because of this decision of not suspending Draymond Green.

Though, it is obvious that Green didn’t do this intentionally.  It can be seen that Adams was really flailing in front of Green and Green didn’t really mean to hit Adams. So, this could be the main reason why Green didn’t get suspended.  But he did hit Adams in a very sensitive part, and this should be thought of more as it already happened twice.

The first incident happened while Green was doing a drive layup against Adams, and Green put his knee forward hitting Adams’ crotch unintentionally. The second time it happened, it was pretty much the same scenario, but during a different game.  This happening twice doesn’t really look good for Draymond Green. Though he may not have done this intentionally, it does certainly look bad.

Green’s track record, as he has never hit another player in his whole career, should be of great consideration in the decision. And this is one of the main reasons why he only got fined, and he only got fined because he hit Adams’ in a very sensitive area.

More Suspensions

The NBA is known to not suspend players with this type of offenses since David Stern changed the game rules in the ‘07 playoffs.  The scenarios are now being reviewed very carefully and decisions are not made harshly.

Amar’e Stoudemire and Phoenix’s Boris Diaw was able to leave the bench in the last minute of ties and the Suns’ win in a game, with protests against Robert Horry and Steve Nash.

Both were suspended for the next game, which made it easier for the Suns to win.  The Suns claim that Tim Duncan did leave the bench, as well. The Spurs won that championship against the Cavaliers.

Since decisions like these have been made, players have always received the benefit of the doubt. Both sides are asked for explanations and the culprit always gets the BOTD.

The Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith got suspended for 2 games though, when Flagrant Foul 2 was given to him. He struck Boston’s Jae Crowder with his elbow during a rumble in a biker bar which was one of the games in opening of the 2015 playoffs.

Though Crowder was the instigator, he wasn’t suspended.  Smith’s offense was greater than that of Green’s.  Smith did hit a less sensitive area though, but Smith’s career track record definitely plays a huge part in the decision.

This year’s NBA champions have a reputation at stake and their dynasty is well scrutinized.  The news of basketball reveals that the leniency of the ruling for Draymond Green could be part of the rights of the winners, not discounting LeBron James.