Football News Today: What Exactly Happened in the Swamp Event?

Football News Today: What Exactly Happened in the Swamp Event?

Lessons coming from the swamp: Football in the USC should try to succeed in the manner that is similar to the Helton. All the gators assemble close to the house of Helton in the City of Everglade City. This is after the big heavy rains, when all the rivers were flood out of the Gulf of Mexico mouth with partly-salty-partly-fresh, brackish flood water, according to news football.

In one creek, both Tyson and Clay Helton said that they have already seen numerous crocodiles, at least twenty crocodiles. They name it the Crocodile Cove. Near it is a place where people create an annual family outing and fishing expeditions with Kim, the Helton father.

Steering the low waters can definitely be tricky, while a little piece of a motor of the boat that they own frequently shatters off. And therefore Kim the father will tell either of them, “Okay boys, jump in and attain it.”

Tyson and Clay swap glances. Does he not notice the columns of sharp teeth and jaws? Both of them have already taken these journeys ever since the boys were still young. Both of them have already learned in avoiding both snakes and alligators, and they know how to spool in the snook and tarpon, the redfish and the trout. On these same trips, Kim the father taught both of them on how to have courage as well as compassion. These same days, Tyson and Clay now both take their little children. However, during the final day of every trip they have in this place, it is sacred. Why? It is sacred for them because it is reserved for Kim, Clay and Tyson. They are together for an additional lesson.

Clay, now a forty four years old man, is trying to draw on his experiences right before the biggest, most crucial year of his entire athletic career. And that is his first entire season as the football coach of USC. Happily, Tyson will accompany him there also as the coach of the quarterback as well as the coordinator of pass-game.

Both of them frequently joke to each other that when everything is breaking apart within the field of football, they both can always see the boat floating on the river back home. They name it the happy place. Kim usually says that there is nothing that is third as well as long and there is also no opener like Alabama in the opener. Further, bad media story is of no significance.

Eight years has passed ever since the USC gained the title of a champion in the “Pac12” Conference. Ever since Mr. Pete Carroll already left right after the season of 2009 and there have also been three various head coaches who are working on a full time basis, as well as five transitions staff of coaches as well as thirty scholarships that are lost for more than three years; a portion of the NCAA penalties from where the program is just recovering. Caught up in a similar problem, USC asked the guidance of one career assistant. This person just happened to lose the first couple of games as one coach who is working on a full time basis. He has one opener season fighting against the Saban. He also is the defending champion with Crimson Tide looming, based on the football news.

In order for them to just stabilize USC, Clay announced that he will not try in being Saban or even Meyer or even Harbaugh. He really believes that it is only he who can win with the way a Helton wins, with the way that his father had taught him. That is with consistency and with principle. It was also Kim who reminded Clay what exactly what the latter needed to know at that specific moment, immediately after the latter got the job. He should always be simple and also sensible. He told his son that he is not like ‘those men’ so you just go and be yourself. For Clay, it definitely means it.

As a boy, Kim the father fought for almost everything. He was born poor somewhere in Pensacola. He grew up with a family having twelve children. In one room, the two daughters share. The other room is shared by the ten remaining boys. It was a constant battle for mattress privileges. Bunk beds are only two, and losers do not have any choice but to throw down a sheet on the ground where they are required to sleep.

According to the football news today, Kim managed to lever himself out of scarcity by being a coach and being tough. During his childhood years, he gained wisdom by hunting and fishing outings.