Golf News Now Reveals David Feherty to Charm Us During the Olympics

Golf News Now Reveals David Feherty to Charm Us During the Olympics

The latest golf news shows how this alcoholic bipolar golf icon was able to conquer life issues and come clean now. With the return of golf in the Olympics, this cool golf personality is tasked to do the play-by-play.

The Unconventional Life of David Feherty

Booze, cocaine, weeds and other recreational drugs are a no-no for the players in the world of sports, but our iconic golf player is different. Feherty is a former pro golf player that participates in the European Tour. Hailed from Northern Ireland, this guy trains buy taking 40 Vicodin, cocaine, and at least two bottles of whiskey according to his interview with Golf Digest. You may think that this list is already complete, but wait, because there is more! Do not forget to include weeds in this golfer’s training regimen. Why do people love him despite his unconventional ways? He got a humor that knows no bound.

The Clean Life of the Famous Golfer

Feherty may have got his ups and downs during his peak as a pro golf player. His humor may have stayed intact but he has been sober since the year 2015. Now, his witty mind led him to covering the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tournaments. Have you ever heard a host describing a golf player having a warthog-like face that is stung by a wasp? He does that and in live TV!

Other Talents That People Love

His eccentric personality knows no bounds as he also writes novel that are bestselling. Aside from that, according to Golf Channel, his character could get him guests such as Larry David, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump among others in the Golf Channel show that he hosts. He thinks that his messy life before is a factor on how he is able to make people open up to him. His past made others feel comfortable and share about their lives in his presence.

A Quick Glance on How Feherty’s Life Is Before

He became a professional golf player at the age of 18. Our guy did not find it difficult to adjust to the hard lifestyle of participating in the European Tour even if he came from the outskirts of Belfast. There was this instance when he had just won at the Scottish Open held in Glasgow in the year 1986. He celebrated – yes, with drinking – and woke up two days later to find out that he is 150 miles away! Until now, he has no recollection of what happened and nobody knows what happened to the silver trophy that he got in the tournament. Another instance happened where he went out to grab a drink while playing at the Swedish Open but he finds himself the next at Denmark.

The Journey to Being Sober

The golf news now may not have it anymore, but Feherty became a commentator at PGA Tours when he was in the middle of his pro golf career. This was around 1997 and it was during this time when he moved to Dallas and started his family. This period is special in his life as this was also the moment when he started to sober up. It may be inconvenient but he was diagnosed to be bipolar and struggles with many depression attacks in a day. His diagnosis was not able to bring him down as he channeled all his energy on work.

The Current Sober Life of a Favorite Commentator

The wicked humor of Feherty made him a crowd and viewer’s favorite that led to different opportunities for him. The offer to be a PGA commentator is linked to his quick wit in his play-by-play description of the game. His sense of humor continues to boost the rating of Golf Channel that he hosts. In addition to all of those, the year 2016 has opened more opportunities for him as he was selected to cover the Olympics and a move to National Broadcasting Company (NBC) as the latter sees his talent as a great investment.

People that Helped Him Sober

Our witty former pro golfer was quick to answer that it was his current wife and Tom Watson that helped him be sober. Aside from his car, he has nothing after his divorce and Anita Feherty helped her through that. Tom Watsons helped him by taking care of him for around two to three days when he noticed that he was not well during their shooting in Canada with Jack Nicklaus.

We may have our tumultuous past but that does not mean that we have to be stuck on that. Laughter helps a lot in overcoming life’s sorrow. Feherty in golf news today had proven that there is a bright life ahead.