Inspiring Opportunity to Women Athletes Recently Opened

Inspiring Opportunity to Women Athletes Recently Opened

Hockey is a game played by two opposing teams where their aim is to drive or hit the ball or puck using sticks with a curved end to their opponents’ goal. The common goal of this game is to avoid the opposing players to strike a goal and simply protect the goal post in order to win. There is a fixed duration for this game and the team who earned more goals will be the winning team. The first organized indoor game was played around 1875 in Canada. Hockey is sometimes or more often to be outshined by other sports such as basketball, football and baseball, but still there are several reasons to appreciate the game. Once you get to know these, you might end up having a total blast and start to watch it.

Playing hockey also provides great benefits to your body. You will be able to develop your key arm and leg muscles, improve the agility in your hands and feet, boost your focus and mental strength, and enhance your flexibility and reflex times. With these, you might have again another deciding factor to play it aside from watching it.

The following is a brief introduction of the four types of commonly played hockey game. Remember that these have the same tactics of playing the game. The only difference is either the game setting or the equipment used.

  1. Field Hockey

It is the most common known type of hockey and is also called as stick-and-ball game. It is a popular game played by men and women. It is even considered to be the second most played game in the world. This is often played on a grass field.

  1. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is played on an ice coated surface and uses a puck. This is played in an ice rink which is a hard surface coated with ice. It has become a famous in Canada, Europe and North America.

  1. Roller Hockey

This is the type of hockey where you can play in an indoor or outdoor setting like a rectangular court. This game has two categories which are Quad Hockey and Inline Hockey. The difference of these is the equipment used wherein quad hockey uses quad skates while inline hockey uses inline skates. Quad skates have two rollers on front and two rollers on its rear while inline skates have two to five wheels aligned in a single line.

  1. Floor Hockey

This is a safer version of the ice hockey game since physical contact is not allowed. Aside from this, it is also played without skates and is played in an indoor setting.

Hockey became more a bit interesting when one of the hockey news announced the formation of the first U.S women’s hockey league which pays its players a salary. In March 2015, the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) was then founded and commissioned by Dani Rylan. There are four teams which are officially introduced. These are the Boston Pride, Buffalo Beauts, Connecticut Whale, and New York Riveters.

To know more about the four awesome teams of the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL), below is a brief overview of each team. Once you get to have an idea about them, you will surely be interested to watch them since they are totally worthy to be watched. You can also try to browse some of the news related to hockey where these teams are recognized.

  • Boston Pride

Bobby Jay acts as the head coach of the team who has achieved a silver medal won in the U.S. Women’s Olympic Team in 2014. He had also an experience of becoming a coaching staff in 2011 to 2013. The team from Massachusetts won over Buffalo Beauts in the first season of NWHL with an incredible score of 4 is to 1.

  • Buffalo Beauts

This team, whose head coach is Ric Selling, seemed to have an unfortunate beginning since they were the last place in the first season. Their head coach is Emily Pfalzer.

  • Connecticut Whale

The team’s head coach is Healther Linstad. Their game with New York Riveters was the first game held in the league history making all tickets to be sold out. They had won thrice in the league, but then were defeated by Boston Pride.

  • New York Riveters

The team from New York City is headed by Chad Weisman. They had their first winning game against Boston Pride. Although they were not the best team for the season, they had one of the best goal tenders in the world.

The NWHL is an inspiring league because they have opened great opportunity to women athletes to showcase their talents in the world of hockey. In that case, many of the people have been interestingly following the events happening in the hockey news today concerning this league.