Latest Hockey News Features Dan Boyle as Roadie of Faith No More

Latest Hockey News Features Dan Boyle as Roadie of Faith No More

A quick browse at sports hockey news is likely to give you information about Dan Boyle and his latest achievements. Stop wondering if Faith No More will really put a stop to his National Hockey League (NHL) career. Read this article to know more about the story.

A Quick Glance at the Dan Boyle’s NHL Career

Many people know Dan Boyle as the defenseman of New York Rangers. More than that, he is not just your average NHL player as he has a stunning record that he amassed in his 17 seasons of playing in the league. Here is a quick data on his accomplishments.

  • He got a gold medal in the Stanley Cup
  • He won a gold medal together with Team Canada during the Winter Olympics 2010
  • The title Second Team All-Star was his for two times
  • He holds the record of most assists and goals by defenseman based on the franchise record of San Jose
  • He ranked 9th in the NHL’s all-time list games that is participated by undrafted free agents.

Dan Boyle Is Out Not for the Sake of Chilling Out

Boyle is quite open on how much he likes the band Faith No More. After 18 years, the famous alternative metal rock band released its new album with an East Coast tour for its promotion. You will not be surprised to see professional athletes with big names in the industry hanging out with their idols at eh backstage during concerts. Boyle’s story is somewhat different as he is not out there just for the slam and chill of the event.

Did Boyle Found a New Career?

He was seen to be actively helping the band on stage not as another member, but a part of their roadie. Boyle helped in the band’s culminating performance last August 5 at the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York City by assisting Mike Patton with the microphone cables during the band’s performance. Does this mean that Boyle is not coming back to the world of hockey?

Boyle’s Work as a Roadie

He may be a pro in the field of hockey but Boyle is definitely a newbie when it comes to being a roadie for a band. However, he did not let his inexperience to hinder him in fulfilling his task. What he did during his first night with the band may not be that much but he soon learned the ropes of the tour and was able to find ways on how to help. According to Rolling Stone, Boyle helped in stage decorations and passing the VIP tickets. In addition to that, he was also able to help with the drum kit problem. He himself had no idea how he was able to do that but he was able to achieve it somehow.

The Story of Boyle’s Love for Faith No More

The band’s song Epic was the hit from their album The Real Thing when Boyle was just a ninth grader. The Canadian charts were showing the steady climb of Epic in their records and it made an impact to Boyle. Being different was the kind of thing in the school that Boyle attended and the Faith No More had that impression on him. Since then, Boyle was hooked and keeping tab on the band. This might not be the kind of thing that you will expect from NHL hockey news but it was a fact in Boyle’s life.

Dan Boyle Signed Another Contract with The New York Rangers

The offseason for hockey may seem an eternity for both the fans and the players who are eager for the nest season to start. However, otherwise is true for the Rangers’ defenseman as he was seen to take his time off with his favorite band Faith No More. No, he was not out there simply cheering for the band. Boyle was actively supporting the avant-garde rockers as one of their roadie! According to the website of the Faith No More, they can confirm that the defenseman had just signed a new contract worth nine million dollars, which means that his fans will still be seeing more of him when the new season starts.

The Requited Love

The love of Rangers’ defenseman for the band that he likes did not go unnoticed as the band members highly appreciates how much he likes to help them. They have seen how dedicated Boyle is in helping them during their tour that made them love Boyle more.

Pro athletes sure made a name in the field that they are in, but they also have other passion beside the sports that they play. Boyle is one of them and latest hockey news features Boyle as a roadie rather than a hockey player per se.