Latest News About Sport Champions Paul Pogba and Alvaro Morata

Latest News About Sport Champions Paul Pogba and Alvaro Morata

Amateur sports are fun and inspiring to watch but the fanatics of this field cannot help but continue to monitor the latest news in the world of the professional athletes. Are you curious on Real Madrid’s decision about Alvaro Morata and Paul Pogba? You have come to the right place as that is exactly what will be discussed here.

Zinedine Zidane Expression of His Interest in Paul Pogba

According to Irish Times, the head coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane had dropped hints that they might get Paul Pogba for their team. The head coach was quoted saying in a press conference last June that the midfielder is a great player. There are other occasions where he said that their camp is always fishing for the finest footballers in the market.  Zidane must really have set his eyes on Pogba as there are talks that they are willing to push through with getting Pogba despite the willingness of Manchester United to pay a world breaking record fee for a midfielder. With all these said, it is only natural to expect that Real will do everything to get Pogba to play on their side.

Quick Facts on Paul Pogba

The 23-year old athlete is the midfielder of Juventus and is sought out by other teams. The Manchester United for example, is willing to pay as much as £100 million for him to sign a contract with them. Why are different teams after him? It was well-known in the world of football that Pogba is a promising player, in terms of goals, dynamism, agility, and pace. These are characteristics that coaches are looking for and the France midfielder has these qualities. United must have regretted letting him go to Juventus as they are ready to give that big offer to get him back. Juve’s record has two Coppa Italia triumphs and four Serie A wins because of Pogba. This proves that he is a global superstar worthy of all those clubs running after him.

Will Real Let Go of Alvaro Morata to Get Pogba

According to Guillem Balague, a Spanish football expert and columnist, Real Madrid is considering to sell their striker to get enough funds needed to get Pogba on their side. Zidane however, said that they are happy to have Morata back and he is part of the team. Does this mean that they will not let go Morata? We will learn about this in the sports stadium when the next season starts.

Alvaro Morata’s Relationship With Real

The amount offered by United to get Juve’s midfielder is not a secret, and if Real wanted to get Pogba, they need to propose something as close or higher than that. As talks like this go on, another concern has come up involving Alvaro Morata. By exercising the buy-back clause in the contract of Morata, Real was able to get him on their team again this summer after selling him to Juventus last 2014. Some assumes that this reunion will not last long.

Other Club’s Interest in Morata

While Real is contemplating of cashing-in their striker, others are on the look-out to grab this chance to get Alvaro Morata. Chelsea and Arsenal have expressed their interest in him. Did Real Madrid get him only to let him go again? With things going on like this, it seems like Morata’s future will be affected by Pogba’s decision. Real priced Morata to be €75 million. This is very expensive for the other clubs. Is this their way of selling Morata or as good as a statement that they are not willing to let him go?

Pogba’s Decision

All this talk is going on but as per Mail Online, Mino Raiola, Pogba’s agent, said that he is not in a hurry to leave Juventus and the latter also do not wish him to leave. He further said that Juve is a club that keeps and believe in their star player. With this said, it is likely that Pogba will never look at the offers of other clubs for him.

What to Expect in the Transfer News

Different clubs are scouting for star players to get on their side. Some are even willing record breaking amount just to get that player. However, nothing is final yet, as all long as no contract signing happens. Many things could happen and all we could do as of the moment is to wait and see what will happen on that fated date.

Transfer news is a thing that is watched out by sports fanatics around the world. Sport champions are having plenty of offers and we could do nothing but wait for their decision.