Latest News of Basketball: The Cleveland Cavaliers as Brand Heroes

Latest News of Basketball: The Cleveland Cavaliers as Brand HeroesLatest News of Basketball: The Cleveland Cavaliers as Brand Heroes

According to the latest news of basketball, sportsmen everywhere speak of who they are representing now.

This is equivalent to Michael Jordan’s stint with Nike and his Air Jordans, which made him who is now.  And much like Chuck Taylor’s Chucks, this is how you get popular in sports these days.

With LeBron’s Samsung Gear ad and the big banner on Prospect Ave., he is off to the same road as Michael and Chuck.

Moses and His Journey to His Promised Land

After signing up with Philadelphia in ’82, Moses Malone made a grand entrance in the Spectrum with fans wearing robes and came as prophets with beards, even equipped with a staff.

With Darryl Dawkins just fading away because he just can’t control Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, they signed Malone as a free agent.

Moses was everything they dreamed of, he lead the team to win a championship, the first in 16 seasons.

Moses’s journey is much like James LeBrons’.

James was on the Sports Illustrated cover and it was tagged as “The Chosen One”.  It was just his third year in high school at that time.  He also was the prodigal son of the Cavaliers.

It’s been fifty-two years and Cleveland fans have yet to wait for another championship win.  It’s all up to LeBron James.

Not at All Personal

The NBA 2016 championship isn’t about James’ quest for redemption or making more news for basketball. If you can leave your heart in San Francisco, maybe the heart of the Golden State Warriors can be broken and left in the Bay Area, too.

The 2016 NBA championship turned four years of drought for the Cavaliers, and even with the loss, they still made it to the championship. And this makes a whole world of difference.

All About Magic

When the world found out that Magic Johnson had HIV, he wasn’t able to create a good program to help in AIDS awareness and what was thought to be a plague at that time.

The closest he came to redeeming himself was playing on the Dream Team in ’92 and winning the MVP award in an NBA All-Star Game.

What About Michael?

Michael’s six championship rings will most likely be never matched by any other basketball player.  His first win showed who he can be on the ring.  He even got in the Basketball Hall of Fame, where he mocked his rivals and went through a long list of grievances. This made headlines in news in basketball.

How the Record-Setters Fared

Basketball seasons are all about consistency, but in the playoff and especially in the Finals, peak performance and cut throat ruthlessness are key.

The Golden State Warriors got 73 wins and 9 losses in the last season, but really had to work hard to crash Oklahoma City in the Finals of the Western Conference.  Klay Thompson and Steph Curry’s three pointers came as a shock to their opponents.

But, some upsets can really take out the luster in each players’ and teams’ success.

The 68 wins and 14 losses of Boston Celtics of ’73 still lost because the New York Knicks kicked it.  John Havlicek had to play the final three games with a separated shoulder which was his shooting shoulder.

The 67 wins and 15 losses of the Dallas Mavericks in 2007 lost in the first-round to Baron Davis and the 42 win and 40 loss of the Warriors.  Dirk Nowitzki only shot 38.3% and only got 19.7 points as average.  It took him a few years to finally get revenge in 2011.

The 66 wins and 16 losses of the Cleveland Cavaliers was crashed by Orlando. Dwight Howard’s free throws and Rashard Lewis’ three pointers did the work for Orlando.  Because Mike Brown kept LeBron to guard Rafer Alston, LeBron wasn’t able to focus on shutting the three pointer Lewis down.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James

The big LeBron banner was taken down in June and it was replaced by a banner for the Republican National Convention.  His luster may have seem to disappear, as the streets of Cleveland grieve the loss to the Golden State Warriors.  The rest of the Cavaliers have yet to prove themselves next season, but most players do have endorsements and ads all over TV and the internet. LeBron James has Sprite and he’s all over the world.  The Cavaliers and LeBron won after all.

Championships are won during games, but a player’s name on a billboard is more of a win than anything else.