Latest News on Baseball: MLB Looks Into Moving Its Home to Las Vegas

Latest News on Baseball: MLB Looks Into Moving Its Home to Las Vegas

According to the latest news on baseball, it has been hard to predict the odds of the online Major League Baseball sportsbook.  With all the talk about the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas and the Major League Baseball itself following suit, life is hard in the online MLB sportsbook these days.  It’s all over the news for baseball, the Raiders are prospecting to move to the city that never sleeps, and the whole Major League Baseball might follow the Raiders on the move.

Rob Manfred, the Major League Baseball Commissioner, is very vocal about some good things that Las Vegas can bring to a baseball team.  According to YES Network news on baseball, the commissioner isn’t fully dismissing the fact that gambling can be distracting for an MLB team, but he doesn’t think that having casinos all over the city was an excuse to not consider Las Vegas.  Gambling and the casinos is said to be a possible distraction or a possible reason for the team and the league to fold.

With the Rob Manfred’s very casual opinions about the Las Vegas and gambling, casinos aren’t the only problem looming around the Raider’s plan to move to Vegas.  The city isn’t really known to have that huge of a sports fandom, and it’s very hard to figure out if having a Major League Baseball team can change that.

Nevada is a pretty big state, occupying more than a hundred thousand of square miles and has a population of about three million.  The state’s two major cities, Reno and Las Vegas, are also surrounded with smaller towns that have sizable populations as well.

These two cities aren’t new to sports, as they already have a huge following for their college and high school sports teams. Locals have a huge fan base for the sport, supporting the UNLV baseball team and local high schools. Also, there are a few sports stars that come from Nevada: Colin Kaepernick, Kris Bryant, and Bryce Harper.

Without having to think about Vegas’ less of affiliation with sports, there are so many different factors that makes Las Vegas a good choice for the Raiders and for Major League Baseball in general.  The city is a hub for tourists, local and international.  The city never sleeps and there are people watching sports 24/7.  People travelling to Vegas during baseball season may be interested in watching their first baseball game, making the sport not just an American pastime, but a possible tourist attraction.

The major cities have airports that are open all day every day, and this makes the state a good potential home for Major League Baseball. Las Vegas has an international airport and Reno boasts to be near Lake Tahoe which is another tourist attraction. Las Vegas is a modern city and has all that is needed to house millions as fans might travel to the city during baseball season. There are huge stadiums that can house the audience, and huge malls to host meet and greets with the local players.

The city is also diverse, as its population is a vegetable soup: a mix of all ethnicities and races.  Baseball is not just America’s favorite sport, it’s a sport that’s popular all over the world and a visit to a baseball game in Vegas will prove that.  This means the sport can also start to be popular with different races and can start a new craze.

Las Vegas is known for innovating ways to make it attractive to tourists.  The relocation of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas, and even the whole Major League Baseball can uplift the economy of that state and the city.

Experts say that the gambling issue isn’t actually an issue, it is actually an advantage.  Gambling can make a Vegas team a cut above the rest.  Though bad for odds, a Las Vegas team can make locals bet more often on their local teams that bet on a number of other teams.  Most of Las Vegas’ gamblers are locals, and they are the ones who have big bucks.

The move of the Raiders to Vegas is not yet final.  There is a long process and a lot of approvals for this to happen and there are also a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome before Las Vegas can be the new home of the MLB.

This is a great new adventure for Nevada and a great way to expand its horizons and tourism.