Latest Sports News Basketball: Kevin Durant’s Biggest Mistake

Latest Sports News Basketball: Kevin Durant’s Biggest Mistake

Kevin Durant, one of the greatest basketball players in the history, had arguably everything in his hometown in Oklahoma City this time. Moreover, greater than what LeBron James had accomplished in the year 2010, the year he made the biggest transition of his basketball career. Finals of NBA for a certified loser? Correct. The 2011 and 2012 for Durant was the victims of the Miami Heat, the team where LeBron James belongs. There were five games in total and all were total losers against the opposing team. In the year 2007, the team Cavaliers was brushed off during the NBA finals. It was done by San Antonio, according to the latest sports news basketball.

When it comes to scoring? Correct. In terms of being an MVP? Correct. Shooting skill? Correct. LeBron James already had his own linebacker’s build. On the other hand, Kevin Durant had always had better shooting skill, frankly speaking. Moreover, there are still more to be spoken. All the increments come into the talks, having the attendance of skilled point guards in the person of Russell Westbrook. He acts as a sidekick of Durant. Of the players who auditioned but failed in being a support or a sidekick to Kevin Durant in the games were Mo Williams, Larry Hughes, Antawn Jamison as well as Wally Szczerbiak. Williams, who just returned for the win sequel this season’s games, came to the nearest up to the time when it is most valuable during the playoff season. One more item in the miscellaneous list when it comes to Durant was a realistically formidable opposing team around him. The Thunder team won up against the Golden State at three to one in favor of the former, during the finals of the NBA West just before losing.

On a separate note, what can we say about the Miami team and LeBron James? In the year preceding the time when Miami signed the contract with LeBron James as well as with Chris Bosh as independent agents, it led the both of them to invite Dwayne Wade for a fake fog during a launching an opening media event. The Heat team garnered 47-35 record during the entire time. It lost five games in favor of the Celtics teams representing Boston during the first round of layoff season in the year 2010. It was really not Golden state’s regular season, with an astonishing 73-9 mark in this season alone that is according to the news sports basketball.

Durant rose to the event opposing Golden State, losing the largest chance of eliminating the country’s darlings as well as making them a record setter by garnering a 73 as against a 9 regular basketball season. This was a huge step to perdition. In the fifth game, it was sole OKC homebase game during the last three out of the race to four series. Kevin Durant managed to shoot ten out of thirty one attempts of field goals. On the other hand, the Thunder just put to shame a lead for an estimated seven points during the final five minutes of the game. Additionally, they became the very first victim out of a shocking return from a three is to one deficit during the crucial playoff season.

Another team, the Cavaliers, naturally, was placed in the second, in the crucial finals, together with the fifth as well as the seventh competitions on the journey to the championship, up against the similar boys. Kevin Durant’s final and impermeable choice to gather with them as one team right after coming too close of beating all of them with breaks and with what athletes once termed as competitive code. Doc and Mike, Magic and Bird, Reggie and Isiah – nobody ever did that. Kevin Durant is one hell of a more formidable weenie compared to almost anything during that wiener fantasy within the interesting movie, The Pets’ Secret Lives.

Based on the sports basketball news, perhaps the problem and dilemma of the city of Oklahoma was that the front of its office and the ownership as well was not really that prepared in doing that which is absolutely required to be accomplished by them. They just allowed James Harden to walk out of the team years ago. Today, it will take the least, a big trio that will give them an edge against all opponents. They need at least three star players in their teams in order to win them all. Watch the Spurs together with the near-retirement, aging core group Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili; while the Heat team has James, Bosh and Wade; of course, Warriors team  having their Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson; and lastly, Cavaliers with LeBron,  Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.