Latest Sports Update: Tom Brady Denied Appeal for Rehearing

Latest Sports Update: Tom Brady Denied Appeal for Rehearing

Are you up to hear some latest sports update this 2016 regarding the National Football League (NFL)? Read on and get updated on the latest happening in the league.

Precursor to the Scandalous Case

Tom Brady plays as the quarterback (QB) of New England Patriots. It was in January 2015 when this entire ruckus started when Brady is said to be involved in the Deflategate case. This name was given to identify the case that is famous in the football arena. The Patriots’ QB is said to have a hand in tampering of the footballs used in the American Football Conference (AFC) against the Indianapolis Colts during the championship game. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave Brady a four-season suspension that he upheld even after the internal appeal. As a result, the case was moved to the federal court.

Tom Brady’s Appeal was Flatly Rejected by Second Circuit

According to USA Today, clerk Catherine O’Hagan wrote in the one-page notice of the Second Circuit of the United States Court of Appeal that the petition of Michelle McGuirk for panel rehearing was denied. This decision put an end in this scandal that is mostly watched by a sports fan and probably one of the most embarrassing cases in the record of NFL. The decision stirred different sentiments. Nevertheless, it is out and the sports team has to follow what it says. Whatever appeal they have, they will have to push at the Supreme Court and follow the process needed.

What’s  Next for the Patriots

The QB of Patriots can still have his appeal heard by the Supreme Court in the hope of revision of the decision. However, time is not on their side because the opening of the season is less than two months. According to a law professor at the University of Richmond, Carl Tobias, making an appeal to the Supreme Court is possible but it would take a long time. Moreover, even if the justices were to listen to their plea, it is not a guarantee that it will resolve the case. There is almost no chance for the Patriots to expect a decision before the start of the season.

What’s Next for Brady

Given this situation, Brady is most likely to sit the four seasons. Jimmy Garoppolo, the reserved QB is likely to play Brady’s part on the season opening at September 11, 2016. Brady is allowed to play at the preseason and even join the training camp. However, when September 3 comes, he is not allowed to stay with the team and use its training facility. He would be reunited with his colleagues at their play in Cleveland with the Browns, which is the season’s fifth week.

The Evolution of the Case

What started as an allegation of tampering with the air pressure on the footballs used in the AFC escalated into a bigger issue of legal battle involving multimillion dollars, the scientists, and the most elite lawyers in the country. Based on the ABC News report, the longtime rivals US Solicitor General Ted Olson and Jeffrey Kessler were in for the case. The former was known for the Gore vs Bush lawsuit that affected the presidential election of the year 2000. The overturn of decision on same-sex marriage of California in 2010 was also influenced by the said case. The briefs for this big NFL case was also participated by the scholars from different scientific and legal institutions. Now, it is no longer a simple case of tampering with the footballs but an issue of how a sport’s commissioner used his power vis-à-vis the right of employees under a union.

Actions Made so Far Regarding the Case

When Brady was suspended, he made his appeal within the league first. Goodell affirmed his decision however, forcing the QB to appeal to federal court where US District Judge Richard Berman overturned the decision under the argument that the commissioner was biased. The ruling was again overturned when the NFL asked the Second Circuit of the Court of Appeals. Now, Brady’s clamor for rehearing was denied under this body.

What Lies Ahead

The opening season is coming fast and it looks like the NFL was able to stand their ground at this time. The QB though and his allies are making their preparations to pursue further the case at the Supreme Court which will be the main battleground for the case.

The game that was watched by many sports enthusiasts turned into a battle that was never seen before. Each has their reasons and we have yet to see what will happen in the future of this professional sports player.