News Baseball: Story before Jose Fernandez Became Jose Fernandez

News Baseball: Story before Jose Fernandez Became Jose Fernandez

According to the sporting news baseball, Jose Fernandez, when he was still a kid, did not ever come to decide which school he was going to study at when he was in seventh grade. The government of Cuba decided the school for him. He was very good in playing baseball, excellent in fact. All of the most skilled players of baseball were recommended to particular sports schools. All of the best of these particular athletes would rise up in representing their country, Cuba, in worldwide competitions, all for the sake of a government which considered victory as an additional point in favor of socialism.

It was an afternoon of one particular Monday in 2006 and Jose Fernandez together with his classmates managed to turn on the television to watch shows. Satellite television as well as cable TVs is not considered included in a life of an ordinary Cuban citizen. However, that day was not an ordinary day for the entire nation. That was the day when the entire national team of Cuba was playing in the country of Puerto Rico against Dominican Republic players. It was the first time that there was a classic in the world of baseball.

“The entire school was turning on their television sets to watch this momentous and historical game,” Jose Fernandez recalled. He was thirteen years old that time and that was the first time for him to witness a major team game between two nations. He was enthralled with the game, in specific, with all of his other countrymen ecstatically cheered for Dominican Republic. It was actually for the dude who was the only one who scored with a home run for the entire game.

He learned that his name was Mr. David Ortiz. Fernandez admitted that it was a first for Fernandez to see Ortiz. He added that he was amazed with what the latter did and exemplified that he wanted to emulate him. Fernandez’s first three tries in the team of Cuba were not successful. It was therefore established that it will not be long before he will be ousted from the team. During his fourth try, right after a ride on the boat over turbulent waters in which his mom fell and he rushed to her aid, he was successful.

All of that happened when he was still fifteen years old. He lived in Mexico, commuted to Texas, and further commuted to Florida in the United States of America. It almost took him one year up to the time when he could acquire an Ortiz vehicle for himself.

This is the man whom they name ‘Big Papi’. He is perhaps the MBP or the most beloved player among the other player, where he addressed speech before one baseball game right to the squad of the American League. When he abandoned the competition in favor of being a pinch-runner, he secured a team hug inside the field coming from all of his teammates in AL. But this is perhaps the most dramatic of all: That kid who idolized Ortiz while watching him from one old television set in Cuba was the same man who threw the last and final pitch to Ortiz during his All-Star professional stint.

Fernandez exclaimed that it was definitely a dream that came true. Both of the players are close friends now, with the older one representing the team Boston as a Red Sox while the younger man at twenty three years old, having an electric arm is representing the team of Miami as a Marlin. On a Monday, the day prior to the game of all stars, the kid had told the old man what kinds of throws would be approaching whenever both of them finally looked at one another, according to news baseball.

It was one hall of a very fast ball. That was what Jose Fernandez had insisted. The throw was at with eighty miles per hour. It was definitely one memorable shot, with one ridged fastball. However, the pitch missed. Ortiz accepted it for one ball. He told the audience that if he had struck the fastball, it would really have been very hilarious. That was Fernandez said. He added that hitting the ball could have been very momentous. After that attempt, I attempted to gather good pitches and I also attempted to save him.

According to the sports news today baseball, both of them chuckled hard. After that encounter, Ortiz approached the first base in the baseball field, into the company of the entire team, while most of the teammates were wondering how a player who hits very skillfully swears to see retirement.