Sports Football News: Ravens Could be Off to an AFC North Win

Sports Football News: Ravens Could be Off to an AFC North Win

According to breaking football news, the Baltimore Ravens are definitely up to win the AFC North crown this year. Their offensive team is totally loaded, with key positions filled with great players this year. Their draft can boast a good offense and also a good defense.  This could mean another bout for the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs and a bigger chance to bag the AFC North Championship this year.

Running back Justin Forsett heads as the clear starter.  He finished last year’s season with a broken arm, but he definitely can run for more than 1000 yards this year.  His injury shouldn’t pose as a huge problem as he had enough time to rest during the off peak season.  Re-signing Terrance West was also a great move for the Ravens.  The decision was made off-season during their weekly practices, while Terrance West proved his worth during these said practices.  The team also brought in Trent Richardson, a free agent, and signed Kenneth Dixon from Louisiana Tech.  Great moves to sign up younger players this year to make a stronger offense. They also kept Lorenzo Taliaferro and Buck Allen in the draft this year. Another great move for the Ravens since both football players showed great potential from last year.

With Steve Smith and Kamar Aiken, we’re talking about fast, fast, fast for the WRs.  Steve Smith is coming back faster and more eager because this likely his final season with the NFL.  Sad for the Ravens next year that this could be Steve Smith’s last year in the NFL, but good news for the team this year, since he will be out to prove himself and make a name for himself in his last year and a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens.  Kamar Aiken came as a surprise for most as a second receiver.  His strength and agility, and of course, his speed, makes him a great addition again to the team this year.  He will join other speedsters Mike Wallace and Breshad Perriman, who were drafted first last year. These speedsters can make (or break) the team’s journey to the playoff and the win on the AFC North.

Another interesting thing is the four or six guys that are competing for the top spots in the roster. This includes the Michael Campanaro who, when he’s in top shape, a very, very good wide receiver and can play in a return game as well.  Jeremy Butler who played really well last year; Kennan Reynolds, the former Navy quarterback who was drafted in round 6; and Chris Moore, who came from Cincinnati. These great offense players are absolutely key to winning game after game in the playoffs.  Great players in the offense with a combination of speed and agility can mean great for the Baltimore Ravens this year.

Football news websites agree with some comments from the expert that this is looking like the best team in the National Football League right now.  There is a lot of potential and a possibility of winning the Super Bowl next year is not really far off.  With Benjamin Watson bringing good veteran leadership to the young team, this is going to be a great mix of veteran leadership is strong-willed young players which are essential to enter the playoffs. Veteran leadership is the key to any NFL team locker room.  It is important to have veteran leadership to rally the team and give direction.  It is also interesting to see if Maxx Williams will improve more in this second stint in the NFL season.  He’s shown great improvement last year and this could be a year he could show what he’s really made of.

Though Dennis Pitta and newbie Nick Boyle could be huge question marks, it’s all about staying healthy and avoiding being suspended so that they can keep up with team’s pace.  These guys are actually great players but have shown to play on the wrong side of the court.  They need to show improvement or else they might not be drafted again next year, or be kept in the bench during the season.

According to sports football news, Joe Flacco comes back as the main quarterback with all his depth and knowledge in all skill positions, the Baltimore Ravens’ offense looks like it could bring the team another AFC North trophy.  This could also mean a great run during the playoffs and possibly a place in the Super Bowl floor next year.