Sports News Football Today: Buccaneers to Watch 2016 Playoffs

Sports News Football Today: Buccaneers to Watch 2016 Playoffs

According to football news latest buzz, Tampa Bay’s Buccaneers may actually make it to the playoffs this year.  The team hasn’t made the playoffs in a few years, and have been said to have a poor roster and an undeciding coach. Entering the playoffs is the key to any football player. This increases their chances to be drafted again in the next year or get an increase in their contracts. For a team, entering the playoffs give them more leverage and more chances as a team to get endorsements.

The team wasn’t as active as they should be in the free agency in 2016, but they focused more on their draft and re-signing their players. This can be seen as a good thing, considering they have a pretty good set of players this year, and a good coach at that.  Focusing more in the free agency would be their next priority.  But drafting and re-signing was top priority for the team this year.

It came as a huge surprise when Lovie Smith was fired, but a huge applause of promoting Dirk Koetter to replace Lovie as head coach. Lovie Smith has been with Tampa Bay for quite some time and it was sad news to see him leave.  But having Dirk Koetter replace him is a great move for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This means that quarterback Jameis Winston can now build his relationship with Dirk Koetter and the success they had in the previous year.  Jameis Winston has built a pretty solid relationship with Dirk Koetter and has been successful working with him by far.

Tampa Bay’s roster is also getting better as they sign up more players.  It includes a mix of good young players and great veterans who has the leadership, experience, and presence in the locker room.  Re-signing Doug Martin as a running back is also a smart move.  This means the Buccaneers retain the offense big 3 – James Winston, Doug Martin, and Mike Evans. The big 3 makes a strong offense, which is the key to entering the playoffs – more touchdowns for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the guidance of Dirk Koetter and the strength of James Winston.

Great Moves by Tampa Bay

The teams could have been greatest move this year is keeping Vincent Jackson. It is rumored that Vincent Jackson is going to be traded or let go of, because of his age and he might not be a good player to add to the starters. But the good thing is they kept him because he has the veteran leadership which is essential in an NFL team. Good leadership bring team camaraderie, and this is something that you can’t trade with a young, bustling player.

Another veteran leadership move was bringing in CB Brent Grimes, who has shown great leadership in his career.  Grimes can help the defense with Gerald McCoy, Kwon Alexander, and Lavonte David. These three guys are one to look at these playoffs. Great leadership in the defense is also the key because you need to rally the defensive so that they can beat any opponent and not have them score.  It’s harder to be on the defense because if you they are to go on a team which is much stronger, they have better chance to join the playoffs with a really solid defensive team. Having a great, young leader on the defensive team can is definitely a plus.

More Sports News Football Today About Tampa Bay

According to sport news football today, the Tampa Bay draft is pretty solid.  CB Vernon Hargraves and CB Robert Aguayo are both starters, but are definitely good picks. Veteran players and re-signed players are also good decisions because having a solid team with old members in it is good for the fandom.  When the fandom is happy with the roster, the more support the team gets and the more hype the fans create for their home team.  This builds up the excitement and confidence of the players, paving their way to the playoffs much easier.

Football news sites always state that with good mix of young talented players and great veteran leadership, the Buccaneers can definitely make a good journey to the playoffs. This is going to be a good boost to the ego of Tampa Bay fans and could lead to a great celebration every week at any Tampa Bay den in Florida. And you’ll never know, an NFC South trophy could be in the works.