The Most Trending Topic of All Basketball News

The Most Trending Topic of All Basketball News

Basketball has become so popular in the sports industry. It has been widely known around the world as a recreational game played by most sports-oriented people. There are several benefits that this game may offer. Aside from the fact that this game is entertaining, it is also an alternative method to become physically fit. You can actually burn calories, stabilize your endurance and many more health benefits as well as growing your circle of friends.

For those who have not been into basketball thing, have a quick review on the following. You might not know that in the end, you will have the interest to play or even watch it.

The National Basketball Association (NBA)

National Basketball Association (NBA) was a league formed in the United States of America when the National Basketball League (NBL) and Basketball Association of America (BAA) merged in 1949. NBA has two conferences, the eastern and western. Eastern Conference has three divisions, Atlantic, Central and Southeast, while Western Conference has Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest.

NBA has been influential not only to the people of United States, but even to the whole world. The massive interest in basketball game has been continuously growing because of the popular players that the NBA league has produced.

NBA has been also good in marketing. Their partnership with several companies like Kia, Samsung and others made them able to introduce their star players to the different audiences. Players who advertise their product are mostly the stars of the team. Unfortunately, they are just focusing on one member instead of the whole team. Nevertheless, what is important is that they were able to let the viewers recognize them and have a great impact to them.

In basketball news today, there are lots of trending events that occurred especially when it speaks about the most awaited event which is the NBA Finals. From June 2 to 19 of this year, it has been an intensive yet entertaining to most viewers all over the world.

NBA Finals 2016: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

The craze over the NBA Finals 2016 has become uncontrollable especially for the avid fans of each team. It has been continuously followed by each supporter since Game 1. In basketball news, several what ifs have been posted and different opinions have been broadcasted. A lot of analysis has been also conducted as well as concluding ideas of who will be the winner. Popular players are being talked about every now and then.

Golden State Warriors is composed of American professional basketball team. The creation of the team began in 1946 to which was firstly known as Philadelphia Warriors and is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Then in 1962, it was called as San Francisco Warriors due to the relocation of its franchise. Finally, in 1971, it was called the Golden State Warriors. The team has been the defending champion to which a league record of 72 wins in the regular season to which Michael Jordan initiated in 1996 and is continuously star guarded by Stephen Curry.

On the other hand, Cleveland Cavaliers is a professional basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded in 1970 and was able to join 46 seasons. The team has been popular especially during the return of James LeBron in 2014.Clevaland Cavaliers claimed their first championship game against Golden State Warrior at the end of Game 7.

The Controversy of Game 5

During the Game 5 of the NBA Finals of 2016, it has been a world-wide topic in sports news basketball the suspension of Green of the Golden State Warriors Team. He was suspended for one game having assessed to have committed a Flagrant 1 foul for hitting LeBron James in the groin in the fourth quarter of Game 4. This gave the Golden State Warriors a lower chance of wrapping up the championship. Greene was known to be the most handydefender of the team and is considered to be one of the makers of the game. Cavaliers took this chance and were able to win the game series 5. Anyhow at some point, Greene believed that if he was able to play during Game 5, they would have probably won the game.

Nevertheless, the NBA Finals 2016 gave not only a series to be watched by basketball game lovers, but instead more of like a movie. Different reviews were released and several controversies have been talked over social media, yet the astounding impact of the basketball game just proves that basketball is indeed an inevitable game.