Tim Duncan Bade Goodbye in the Latest Basketball News

Tim Duncan Bade Goodbye in the Latest Basketball News

You may have been monitoring the basketball news today for final news about Tim Duncan. Many opinions were out since the last season about his plans for retirement. Did he finally decide about it? Continue reading this article to know for sure.

Duncan’s National Basketball Association (NBA) Career

Many professional athletes are on their game for a long time, but not all are able to make a legacy that will make the people remember those years after they are out of the game. Tim Duncan though is different. His achievements in his 19 seasons as NBA player earned him the recognition as one of the greatest power forward in the history of basketball. He managed to help bring his team to five championships. Despite his achievements, he remained selfless and supportive to his teammates – a quality that makes people fond of him. In addition to that, his determination in this ball game served as a backbone for the success of the league that America has experienced in his two decades of playing.

The Ever Humble NBA Superstar

His downplaying of the impact of his career in the over-all NBA game is almost expected of him. Unlike other players who have the tendency to brag their accomplishments, Duncan is the type of man that does not care about the ranks. For him, being able to contribute in the game is already enough as this is more than what he expected he would be.

It is Time to Stop When the Fun is Gone

There had been numerous speculations about Duncan’s retirement seasons ago. Will he retire together with Coach Greg Popovich? Will another championship of San Antonio Spurs mark his retirement? These are only some of the hypothesis of fans that has been going on since last year in sports news basketball. All those speculations have been put to stop when his team finally announced his retirement, according to the NBA website. Duncan told his friend that Rashidi Clenance that he will retire when he does not find the game as enjoyable as it used to be. The time has come for that. The two decades that Duncan spent playing may have robbed the fun out of him and it is time for the new bloods to shine.

Unscripted Future

It is not surprising to know how that some people who retire have carefully laid out plans after their retirement. Our humble power forward proves to be different. Based on the story of New York Daily News, Duncan said that he has no specific plans on what he will do and he is quite enjoying it. After more than 20 years, this is the first time where he gets to enjoy what he wants without following a strict itinerary. He has more time for his two kids now and is not dictated by a schedule to go somewhere where he needs to be.

Mixed Emotions of Kids

This humble NBA player has a son and a daughter named Draven and Sydney respectively. His children are both happy and sad at the same time about his retirement. They are happy because his retirement means he will have more time with his family. Gone are the days of hectic schedule where his children needs to compete with his work to get his time. On the other hand, they are also sad because they will not be able to see him play anymore.

The Loyal Player

The way NBA players are before is a bit different compared today. Loyalty seems to be a thing of the past. Many players are bouncing here and there in search of a team that will give them a better offer. Duncan is one of those few remaining players who have stayed with his team since the start. Maybe it has something to do with the time of the start of his career where he was still able to witness the loyalty of the players to their respective teams. He had been a player of San Antonio Spurs since the beginning of his career at the NBA.

The Parting Words

The usually composed NBA star became a bit emotional as his interview came to a close. Duncan gave his thanks in general. He said that he enjoyed everything in the game including the highs and lows, the cheers, the fun, and everything.

The retirement of a player in his field does not mark the end of his influence in that game. Men like Duncan are sure to continue to inspire the next generation of players. He may not be playing anymore but he will continue to be part of the game and this will be reflected in the latest basketball news.